Disability and prejudice

What sort of prejudice can people with disabilities experience? How can society adapt and be made accessible for people with different disabilities and needs? And, who is Stevie Wonder? Developed by the Norwegian Association of Disabled.



Opening movie and discussion:
Before you continue, watch this short movie. What are your immediate thoughts after watching it?



One of Stevie Wonder´s major hits - "Isn´t She Lovely". The song was first released in 1976. This concert was played in London in 2008.


10 facts on disability



1. Translate

Please translate these quotes by Stevie Wonder into Norwegian:

Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes, doesn´t mean he lacks vision.

It is beyond my ability to fathom that 10 percent of the people of this world don't matter to the other 90 percent of the people in the world. I'm not able to believe that. And the only way that we can show our caring about that 10 percent is by doing something to make the world more accessible and for people to be accepted with disabilities by committing ourselves to opening all the doors and all the possibilities for those who are physically challenged in any way.


2. Explore

Who is Stevie Wonder? Find at least three facts about him on the internet.


3. Discuss an assertion 

Discuss what this assertion means: "People are disabled by society, not just by their bodies." Do you agree/disagree?


4. Reflect and write

Write the introduction to an essay about disability with the above assertion as the title.