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Disability as a global challenge

People with disabilities often face challenges when it comes to, among other things, accessibility, education and health. Here you will meet people with disabilities talking about some of these challenges, and how to overcome them. Developed by the Norwegian Association of Disabled. 

1. Discussing a global challenge

Professor Stephen Hawking supports the launching of the World Report on Disability. What are your immediate thoughts after watching the video? What do you know about Hawking?

Go to the World Health Organization´s webpage and download the World Report on Disability. You can choose either the full or easy read version. Write 10 points about why disability is an international and global challenge. Then discuss in plenary what exactly are the challenges related to disability, and how can these challenges be solved?


2. Listen and summarize

Podcast on the WHO World Report on Disability  

Listen to the podcast on the world report on disability and write a summary



3. What´s disability to me

Higlights from the video series What´s disability to me. The full series is available here. 

Access the web page of WHO to see the full series of What´s disability to me. Work in groups of five people, one for each of the persons telling their story in the series. Watch and make note of what the person says. After 15 minutes, tell the others on your group what you saw in the video.


Foto: Fotolia/Shocky